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The blog is taking on a slightly new twist this month. I’m not going to write about houses or deals or money or flipping (this month). A few weeks ago I was pondering the love of God and the death of Jesus and I felt compelled to write out my questions and answers to those questions. After writing it out, I felt like I should share it with the world. That’s what you’re about to read. It went like this…

I was doing my morning reading from the Bible App and then I went into a time of prayer, reflecting on how God sent his only son to die for our sins. 

That centralized idea has always bugged me, if I’m being truthful. A son “dying for sins.” It has always seemed rather medieval, and even until now the very day that I wrote this down, I have always wrestled with it. I may even wrestle with it after today. 

So, why am I writing about the death of Jesus and the love of God and how they fit together? Because today it clicked for me, so maybe there’s a chance that it could click for someone else who reads this. Whoever you are reading this, I hope that you keep reading and see if anything in here stirs your heart. It’s on time too, since we just celebrated this incredible mystery in the world this last Sunday with Easter; the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Before we get started I will warn you about 2 things.

  1. this was basically my own banter back and forth with God. I’m not sure I ever focus on having good form in writing, but I do try and make an effort to make things flow a certain way, and I did clean this up a bit to make it easier to read. It may or may not have worked.
  2. I have my own reasons for believing what I believe…whatever you believe is perfectly fine too! Bottom line is that I love that I’m able to look at my faith objectively. I can question and investigate what I believe and who I am and still feel very secure in myself. I can also feel secure in knowing that I don’t know anything at all for sure. I hope that you can do that too! 

Now that we’ve got that warning out of the way, here’s the first issue I have always had. If you’re God, and all powerful, why does your son have to die? Can’t you do anything to anyone, anytime? Why allow such a grave and graphic and horrific event to take place? To your own Son?  

Here’s the second issue I had with the whole “plan of salvation”. I was aware, while wrestling with the need for Jesus’ death; that there arose through our common ancestors “Adam and Eve” a need to “save” humanity.  

I could get down with saving humanity but I don’t understand why saving humanity had to involve the death of God. Why did a sacrifice have to be made to save humanity? Why did saving humanity have to involve death? To me it seemed like there may be a more obvious way to save humanity. Maybe I’m wrong about that. 

Now, you might be reading this and wonder what God was saving humanity from? He was saving them from death. Death was, according to Scripture, created by the original sin of Adam and Eve. When they ate the forbidden fruit, one of the results was the origination of death. Apparently God’s original plan didn’t include death for his creation. We were meant to live forever.

So that’s my point … You’re God. You’re all knowing. You create a species in your image. You know that species will defy you. You know that you will have to “save” them. You know what it will take to save them. Why even do it all in the first place? Is it really worth it? 

As a father I now understand this more than ever. As a father you know there’s a risk that you’ll have kids and that you’ll have one die in the womb. You know there’s a risk of having a kid born with a genetic defect. You know there’s a risk the kid will develop a rare childhood illness, or an addiction or become a teen parent, or depressed or suicidal. You know that at some point, there is a chance that the kid is going to absolutely break your heart. 

Knowing that, what do you do? I mean before even having kids, look at meeting someone and falling in love. You know that there’s a million different ways for that to go wrong. For you to be hurt. Is it worth it? 

Today it hit me and I’ve been a Christian for a long time. I mean I’ve always identified as a Christian, since I was a young boy, but even as an adult, I’ve really always identified as a Christian. I wrestled with my faith in my teens, but by the time I was 18 or 20 years old, I was fully on board with my Christian faith, and had my own reasons for why I believed.

That’s why it’s odd that I’ve always had trouble with this central tenant to the Christian faith.

When I say it hit me, here’s what I mean by that: I thought out loud to myself the following thought: “I would never give my son up, for anyone, or for anything… and so … why would God?”

And that is the exact answer. God has so much love for us that there is nothing He wouldn’t do for us, including giving up his son, do you see? So where TJ would never give up his son for anything or anyone; God did give up his son. He gave up his son to save all of humanity, and that sacrifice does make sense to me.

In a way, giving up one for many is a concept that always made a lot of sense to me. A hard choice for sure, but it does make sense. 

Here’s what I think didn’t

Why not do something even more obvious than letting your son die?

Why not do something less evil than that?

Why not do something perhaps more frequently? Why one sacrifice after thousands and thousands of years of humanity? Why wait so long? How many people then died without ever getting to know you? Why one sacrifice and then have thousands of years of humanity go by afterward? Wouldn’t it make sense to have more signs and sacrifices than less? 

So many questions…and I could today honestly give an explanation for and answer each one of the questions. Still, I can’t lie and say that I never wrestled with those questions. 

Talking through some of that…my question is; “dude, why kill your son?” Well, think about it. Back then, people were more primitive. They understood death. They valued life. They may not have been able to fully understand God. He spoke to them in a way they could understand.

God’s sacrifice thousands of years ago probably would’ve made a lot of sense to those people. They valued the lives of their children because families needed sons and daughters to do the work and carry the burden of a household, a lot more so than we do today.

So even though the sacrifice of a son might’ve made a lot more sense 2000 years ago than it does today, I believe it still applies. 

What is something you would never give up, for anything? Perhaps something or someone you would never ever give up, trade, or forsake? 

For me it’s my kids. 

That is where God’s move makes tons of sense. How could God possibly do anything more than he did? How could he possibly do anything more to show us his love? I mean, if I wanted to give up the one thing in the world that means more to me than anything then it would have to be that. There is nothing else. 

It’s the one thing that makes the most sense to do. Thank you God for helping it to make sense for me today. 

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