February 2024 in Detroit

Private Money We recently put together a packet to send out to people considering lending to us. I received it today, completed by the designer. It outlines some of our projects and educates readers on the process and benefits of lending private money. It also educates readers about our company processes, which allow us to […]

Today in Detroit 12/04/2023

Habits It’s the week after thanksgiving and I’m slow to get back to my usual commitments. I did hit the gym over the weekend, and though I usually have a quick workout m-f in the mornings, that’s been getting skipped. Why? Over the last couple weeks I’ve been out of town hunting and not working […]

Today in Detroit 12/14/2023

Thieves  Someone keeps on stealing our furnaces and water heaters. We just got keys yesterday to a property we closed on last month. Detroit duplex, eastside, of course not the greatest area. Well, this morning the guys were there to clean out the house and guess what – the furnace and water heater were gone. […]

Today in Detroit 12/21/2023

Christmas  Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the merry making and brightness of the holiday. I’m a Christian and for Christians who are practicing, this is an extra special time of year because it is a time that we are preparing our hearts and souls for the coming of our savior into the world. […]