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I wish people would stop asking “what’s your bottom price?” Like dude, I don’t need you or your nonsense. I have people that reach out to me daily about our deals that act like buyers, most are not buyers. In the last 48 hours I’ve had multiple people reach out to me, saying that wholesalers are forwarding our deals over to them. That’s what we call a Daisy chain. We don’t participate in those. Every deal that we sell we are direct to the seller.

This wholesaler got cut off

I think it’s funny when people call my experience into question. I have personally sold more than 500 homes in my career. On top of that, we’ve wholesaled over 100 properties. I’ve personally flipped dozens of homes. Today, I saw that one of our competitors last year did 4 deals. We did 67.

We have tried to sell deals for other wholesalers. They came to us specifically and asked for our help. We closed on one of the deals for the wholesaler and failed to close the other one. The other hundred plus deals that we have closed via wholesaling, were ours. We were either direct to the seller or we have been the owner.

If you are a real buyer, I encourage you to visit our website Once you’re signed up to be on our list, you will receive deals as soon as they hit the market, before anyone else. You get them probably before Investorlift does. The list gets it first, then Investorlift, then Facebook, then the MLS And we have a lot of really good deals on the MLS.

I understand the stigma, in investors not wanting to buy houses off of the MLS. It doesn’t “feel” like you could get a “great deal” on an MLS listed property. I bought my first flip off of the MLS. It helped that I was the listing agent, but still. 

We personally make offers on properties listed on the MLS. Last week I wrote five offers, and out of the five offers sent, I received responses from 2 of the agents that the sellers may want to work with us. We made a mistake and actually offered too much on one house. I believe it’s because the subject property got confused with another property on the same street. That, or the person I have working on the offers just misinterpreted the comps. This week we have sent out 7 offers to MLS listed properties.


When most of your goals are done for the day and it’s still dark out that’s a good feeling. Today I left the gym about 7:20a and realized that 80% of my stuff for the day was already done. Now my stuff isn’t all big, huge rocks. It’s mostly a series of small things that add up to make my life, more meaningful, enjoyable, and hopefully long.

I realize there are many people in the world and possibly people reading this right now that have trouble with setting goals. I think many of us overthink it, and we may get analysis paralysis. What do you desire? Those are goals. How do you get there? Those are also goals. It’s really as simple as that. I’ll share a little insight into my goals, hopefully it will help stimulate ideas for you.

Every day I aim to do the following things: read, take my medicine, meditate, exercise, read the Bible, pray, and log my food intake. These aren’t earth shattering, amazing accomplishments. They’re small, easy to do, (easy to not do) things that most people would never know about me. 

I track these habits. I can look back at the week, month, quarter, etc and see my track record. I track them religiously. In the past there have been other things on there, like journaling, abstaining from substances and cigarettes, sales training, calling clients, saying affirmations, following a diet and more. I’ve been doing it for several years. 

I just started a book today called “The Slight Edge”. Toward the end of Chapter 1, the author explains that when he examined the successes and failures he has had in his life, he’s come to realize that it is the things that he did (or didn’t do) every single day that made the difference. These are things that may go unnoticed to others, the unseen, little tasks. Under Armor had a marketing campaign that summed it up a few years back: “It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light.”

In 2023, one of my goals was to do at least $2M in revenue. We were able to exceed that goal. For 2024, one of my goals is to do $6M in revenue. I feel pretty good about our chances. It’s important to note that those numbers don’t indicate at all what actually makes it into the hands of the owners, it’s just a revenue target.

One of my longer term goals is to have a Ferrari. They have gone up significantly in price since I initially set that goal, and I’ve also grown a bit as a person. I’m no longer as focused on the need to accumulate material, outward signs of prosperity as I was back then. I believe I could go and get approved to buy one right now if I really wanted to; and yet I probably won’t buy one for at least another 10 years. I can only imagine what they might cost by then. 

What are your goals? Do you have short, mid and long term goals? Are they written down? One of my favorite sayings is, “if it isn’t written down, it doesn’t exist.” I started writing a bucket list around 2014-2015, and I have over 100 goals written down on that list. 

I’m not saying that to brag, just sharing because I feel it’s really helped me to not only succeed at a higher level, but also to have a record of it. Each time I cross something off, I try to capture the approximate date or at least the year that it happened. To date, I have crossed off 29 items PLUS one for my wife. I still have over 100 items on my list, and Kristina has 10. I crossed off 3 in 2023. 

What’s on your bucket list?

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