Today in Detroit 12/04/2023

Welcome back to A Day in Detroit! My name’s TJ. I’m a husband and father to 5, a Christian, Real Estate Broker, and Investor. I write about our adventures in real estate, and share personal growth and success stories in these posts as well. I write about house flipping, wholesaling and more. We’re always looking for new contractors! If you’re interested in working with us, please reach out on Instagram @wisepropertybuyers


It’s the week after thanksgiving and I’m slow to get back to my usual commitments. I did hit the gym over the weekend, and though I usually have a quick workout m-f in the mornings, that’s been getting skipped. Why? Over the last couple weeks I’ve been out of town hunting and not working out or tracking my food intake. Those are the top two things.

I recently added to my habit tracker meditation and reading. I added taking a photo daily and weighing myself as well. There are currently 13 habits being tracked. I started with one. I failed at tracking it for a long time, and then I started to succeed.

Ive heard it said that if it isn’t being tracked it isn’t getting done. That’s been very true for me personally and professionally. I’ve tracked everything from sobriety to reading the Bible to taking my medicine. Many of those things are still on the tracker. Some have come off and on as needed.

I still have a few bad habits. They’re not horrible. They’re habits I can live with for now, but not forever. I’m working on those. They’re on there. With the Strides App, you can track your progress on any goal or achievement. It’s a very handy app; one that I use daily.


We are just about to close on a nice novation in Redford. Newer construction. Accepted 15k over asking and we thought we have listed a touch on the high side, especially given that we needed a fairly quick sale. We have two houses on the westside, one is under contract to be closed by next week and the other one is listed for sale. We’ve only had like 4 showings…so that’s a little dicey.

We are almost done with our flip in Novi. Should be hitting the market this weekend or next week. We had Ashley project manage the flip for us. This is the 2nd job she’s done for us and her fee is well worth it to me. I get to stay mostly out of the details, and she is WAY more detailed and meticulous than I am.

I am very concerned about details, and they matter to me, big time; however, I hate to actually hold people accountable to details. I hate management. I dislike minutia. I’m more of a big picture person. I can start a project and get it off the ground, but bringing it home requires me to bring in the heavy lifters. I simply couldn’t do what we do with these houses without help.

This post is really turning into a shoutout session! While I’m at it, I’m going to give a shoutout to Joe and Shane. These guys are solely responsible for getting contracts for our company. They locked up 12 contracts in roughly 7 days last month! That’s a great way to head into the month of December. Don’t let off the gas guys!

Now Hiring

We are looking to hire acquisitions reps, full time. We’re paying a salary of $3,000/mo along with commissions and bonuses. Minimum comp would be $60k/year. We feel a good salesperson would make $100k+.

We’ve not had a ton of interviews, definitely less than I’d like. Two of the candidates we didn’t pass to the next round. Some of the candidates are more interested in working from home, where we’re looking for in house salespeople.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in exploring a career in real estate, we’d like to talk to you. Experience is great, but not needed. Truthfully we’d rather have someone that isn’t highly experienced. Someone that doesn’t have a ton of built up bad habits that we have to untrain is more attractive.

Thanks for reading A Day in Detroit. If you’re interested in flipping houses, lending money, being a landlord or learning how to wholesale, you’ve come to the right place. Please send us a message on FB or reach out to us on Instagram @wisepropertybuyers

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